Casting for Fall Chinook Salmon.

Posted on October 22nd, 2018

Many anglers take advantage of the season Great Lakes Chinook salmon runs and intercept them from shore as they stage in harbor mouths and also in the deeper lower sections of rivers. When Chinooks have not been in the tributaries long they are more likely to strike lures. Also, if they are holding  in deeper sections of tributaries or larger rivers where they are not spooked, this can also help to get them to strike.

If you plan on fishing for them during the day, getting to the location at sunrise is crucial not just for beating the crowds, but also to fish the highest activity level to make salmon strike.


Good lures to cast during the day are larger spinners like the Vibrax #4 &  the Luhr Jensen KwikFish.


My favorite casting  lure for Chinooks when I’m casting from shore like the Niagara river is non-other than the Jointed Rapala, especially in the bright fluorescent orange or chartreuse colors.

glow spoon

Chinooks also love to strike lures at night and the top producing are the variety of “phosphorescent” (glow-in-the-dark), casting spoons. The best presentation is to simply cast them out and retrieve them at a consistent speed so that the spoon swims with a nice wobble and roll, not too fast, not too slow. Even darker salmon and really smash a lure and they are great sport fought on lighter spinning  or baitcasting outfits.

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