Cast-netting mullet, Englewood, Fl.

Posted on November 15th, 2012

[nggallery id=815]One of the most common fish that you will see jumping out of the water and swiming near the surface in Florida is the mullet.  This is a humble fish that is not known for it’s “sporting” qualities, but it is plentiful and tastes great.  Mullet are vegeterian and it is very difficult to catch them with a hook and line, but they can be easily caught using a cast net. This morning I had a chance to use my mullet cast-net for the first time and quickly landed 10-nice mullet.  Most of them were gray mullet, and one was a black mullet.  Both are excellent eating either fried or grilled.

The best way to identify between the two mullet species is to look at their backs.  The black mullet has a flat-back while the grey mullet has an oval back.  The best time to cast-net for mullet is when they enter the many resiential canals during low-tide.  The key is knowing when to cast the nest (so they don’t bolt away), and to cast it properly so that it opens encompassing the fish!  May not be angling, but a lot of fun!!

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