Cast net Mullet from Manasota Key, Fl.

Posted on March 2nd, 2012

[nggallery id=678]Southwest Florida offers excellent angling opportunities for many species of inter coastal and off-shore fish. What many anglers in Canada may not realize is that you can also use a cast net to catch tasty mullet in the many saltwater canals along the entire Florida coast.  Some cast nets have a small mesh and they are designed to fish for baitfish.   A mullet cast net has larger size mesh, and more weights along  the bottom.  That’s so that the net sinks quickly after hitting the water capturing fish before they can swim out from its fall.

Mullet can be caught by angling, but it takes much patience since they are vegetarian and you have to use a small amount of algae on a small hook and float and wait for cruising mullet to come by and take the bait.  A cast net is much more effective since mullet swim and feed along the surface or sub-surface and can be easily spotted which makes cast netting ideal.

Out of the 6-mullet I caught with one throw, two were black mullet and four were silver mullet.  See if you can tell the difference in the two mullet I am holding up.  While we have been in Florida we have been having grilled and deep-fried mullet and cooking them both ways taste great!

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