Case Groenenberg, master youth angler!

Posted on September 14th, 2018

I receive quite a bit of correspondence and questions mostly through social media and our Ask Italo forum on our website, but every once and a while I get a hand written letter.  I had to write about 10 yr old Case Groenenberg. His mother Lena had emailed our info@canadian-sportfishing.com to let me know her son Case loves to watch our TV show and really appreciates the tips. Case wanted our mailing address so he could write a letter to me. Here is the letter:

case page1

I love hand-written letters. If you have a challenge reading this, let me interpret for you:


Dear Italo Labignan, Canadian Sportfishing is my favourite TV show because you catch good fish, you do a lot of bass and a lot of walleye shows and you tell me about the fish and lures. You also tell me how to rig soft plastic lures. And you don’t say, “LOOK HOW BIG THIS FISH IS”. I BET YOU HAVEN’T  CAUGHT A FISH THIS BIG AND JUST KEEP BRAGGING ABOUT YOUR FISH.” You tell me about the fish.

The biggest fish I’ve caught were 20 lb. muskie – Lake Kasawigamog, 9 lb. steelhead – Georgian Bay, 6 lb. pike and a 4 lb. smallmouth bass – Georgian Bay. I caught all of them off shore except for my musky and I caught my musky with 6 lb. line. I  usually fish with my friend Evan. I went on his Papa’s boat once we almost caught a rainbow trout. We fish for Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Salmon on heir boat.” (Turn to next page)

case page2



What the biggest fish you’ve caught?

What’s the difference between a Rainbow Trout and a Steelhead?

What’s your favorite fish to catch?”


Case Groenenberg

10 yrs old.

Here are some of Case’s catches:

case smallmuth02

case smallie net

case smallmouth

case fishing rocks



Case’s favorite lure to use tipped with a piece of worm, a Panther Martin Spinner.

Case, you sound like you have the same passion for fishing that I do. I am so glad you enjoy watching our TV shows and tips. The reason I do what I do is because I like to help people enjoy the outdoors and especially to help them catch more fish. I am glad that you watch and use the fishing tips. You are a very nice young man and a very good fissherman. You have an edge on me. I only started fishing when I was 12 yrs. old!!

To answer your questions:

-the biggest fish I have caught was about 10′ long shark. I have no idea how heavy it was since we released it right away.

– A Steelhead is an “anadromous” (spawns in freshwater, but lives it’s mature life in saltwater) form of the coastal rainbow trout . Steelhead and Rainbow trout are native to the west coast of North America but they have been introduced throughout the world.

-I enjoy catching all fish but my favorite are “pelagic” ( fish live and feed in the mid-section of the water column), saltwater fish that fight hard, they have lots of teeth and taste great. I love to fish anywhere, but my favorite is in the oceans.

Case, I hope you will keep enjoying fishing even more and appreciate every outing. Remember, it’s not just about catching fish. It’s about enjoying every moment on the water and sharing your passion of fishing and your knowledge to help other anglers that may not be having as good a luck catching fish as you!

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