Carp pre-fishing for a TV show.

Posted on August 27th, 2013
Having the right gear for carp fishing which includes a long, sensitive rod, a bait-running reel, a rod stand, strike alarm , Carp Zoom rigs/prepared carp bait, and a comfortable seat/bag to hold all of your gear can really increase your odds of catching fish.

I spent a few hours today searching for a good carp fishing spot to do a TV show on the Welland River, ON.  I picked a nice grassy area that had easy access to the water and a comfortable waterfront to fish from.  I started by baiting with boiled cattle-corn using a sling-shot to get the corn kernels out there and than I rigged up a Rapala Baha rod spooled with Sufix 832 braid, a feeder, and a hook rigged with a hair-rig.  My baid of choice was the Carp Zoom prepared corn kernels in the honey flavor.

A hair-rig baited with Carp Zoom flavored and prepared corn kernels work really well to entice carp into striking.

The action started right away with my strike alarm going off, line peeling off the reel and in a few seconds I was fighting a large carp. Unfortunately the carp broke my rod and I lost it!  After re-rigging, I had several hits and finally caught and released this fiesty carp.  Looking forward to checking the spot out again before we shoot a TV show there.

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