Carp Fishing in Canada.

Posted on September 15th, 2011
The complete book to understanding, appreciating and catching carp. Get all the scoop on gear, baits & presentations to catch carp in Canada in creeks, ponds, rivers to the Great Lakes. This is where you can find the most advanced bottom and float-fishing tactics that will completely change your idea of carp fishing.

Every once and a while I receive copies of new fishing books that are forwarded to me by the publishing house.  While many range from “fish-story” themes to “general fishing” themes.  I can honestly say that most of them are entertaining, but fall short when it comes to giving the “full-Monty” on everything there is to know about fishing for, and catching a specific fish species…..until now.

A good friend of mine by the name of  Tony Benham with the assistance of his friend, Fritz Vatter just released, Carp Fishing in Canada.  I went through the book and was very impressed on ease of reading, the multitude of high-quality images and the intelligent and proven information that is conveyed in an easy to understand fashion that covers everything from  understanding this amazing fish species and the excitement and power they offer anglers who choose to pursue and come to appreciate their wonderful “sportfishing” qualities!

This book covers everything from gear, baits, presentations to catch Canadian carp in virtually every waterway spanning from creeks, ponds, rivers, right up to the Great Lakes.

What I really appreciated was the advanced bottom and float-fishing techniques, and the recipies and tricks that can help anglers catch carp 12-months of the year…yes, even in the coldest temperatures of our harsh winters!

Whether you are a dedicated carp fishermen, or even if you have not fished for them and you are curious in pursuing them, Carp Fishing in Canada will give you valuable insights and tips that is sure to equip you to catch carp, anytime, and any place they inhabit.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, just go to the Carp Fishing in Canada website.

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