Canadian Sportfishing Welcome’s Red Pine Wilderness Lodge

Posted on July 23rd, 2009

We are delighted to announce that our Canadian Sportfishing crew will be travelling to Red Pine Wilderness Lodge Aug. 15th to Aug 18th, 2009. We are looking forward to filming on location in this picturesque setting! It is our expectation that we will have some great fishing action to bring to our viewers within our 2009-2010 broadcast season on TSN (which kicks off in the fall of 2009). Looking to book a great holiday this year give Red Pine Wilderness Lodge a try! www.redpinelodge.com

Here’s a bit of history about the owners James and Janice Bowden!

¦lt;br /> In 1987 the search for a simpler way of life began…

Little did we know….

Yes, many northern sunsets have passed since James & Janice Bowden first decided to leave their big city (Hamilton, Ontario) life of stress and chaos.  For James, after seven years working as a stage technician in a theater (lights, sound, set construction) the lure of dancing girls and high drama had lost its appeal.  As for Janice, life as a highschool teacher was also wearing thin.

Our first season, at Red Pine in the summer of ’88 was indeed a “learning experience”.  Our new, stress-free life was filled with wonderful challenges, like rebuilding electrical generating equipment, learning the difference between a walleye and a pike and trying to fathom how a flame makes a propane fridge work!

We have “come a long way, baby” and really do enjoy the lifestyle we now lead and feel privileged to know many guests that have become great friends. Janice has won an award for the “Outstanding Lady In Tourism In Ontario” (Presented by the Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters Association).  She has excelled as a cook and according to many of our guests also holds the title of “Best Cook In Ontario”.   As for myself, I can now identify all the species of fish that call Lady Evelyn Lake their home, and actually get a chance to catch a few of them!   I’m a happy guy if I can work most of the season on building and renovating on Red Pine Island.
 Aerial Shot of Red Pine Wilderness Lodge

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