Canadian Sportfishing welcomes New sponsor Navigloo – The Ultimate Boat Shelter System!

Posted on August 19th, 2011

Canadian Sportfishing is pleased to announce the start of our New working arrangements with Prima Innovations
Inc. (Navigloo the manufacturers of The Ultimate Boat Shelter System!) “We were very impressed with the
quality and uniqueness of the Navigloo Boat Shelters when we first became aware of their product offerings at
a trade show attended by Italo Labignan the host of  our Canadian Sportfishing TV Series. We had several
conversations with the firm following the show and received some very favourable feedback from Italo
before we were able to finalize our working arrangements relating to the Navigloo Boat Shelter line”.

Stay tuned for more from Navigloo as they begin to appear within our media properties. Welcome Prima
Innovations Inc., / Navigloo from all of us here at Canadian Sportfishing Productions Inc.

Paul Lord, Marketing Director
Canadian Sportfishing Productions Inc.,



Prima Innovations Inc. specializes in manufacturing storage solutions with its Canada-USA patented Navigloo Boat Shelter System.

In 2007, we revolutionized boat winterizing with our first all-inclusive solution: Navigloo, The Ultimate Boat Shelter System.

Navigloo Mission
Simplify and make accessible to all off-season boat storage.


For many years, the creators of Navigloo have worked on a solution to put an end to painful boat winterizing ordeal!

« Pieces of wood, carpet scraps, styrofoam pieces, tools and friends’ help for the entire day… we could no longer do this!! Above and beyond the time consumption of trying to create year after year some kind of rack made out of 2x4s, we were afraid when spring arrived, that we would find our boats damaged! How many times had we heard our friends at the cottage tell their countless stories of broken windshields, torn seats and ripped tarps on their watercrafts… all because their makeshift wooden structures had crumbled during the winter underneath the weight of the snow. And, spending money year after year on expensive shrinkwrapping was not an option either! .

That is how, a few years later, the boat shelter system Navigloo came to life thus solving the yearly problem many boat owners experience:

« Finally, a simple, secure & economic solution! »

The intelligent way to protect your watercraft and your investment

In 2004, this family business was founded from a passion for nautical activities. To this day, we are the only ones to hold a patent in Canada and the United States for such an innovation. This is great recognition for the quality and significance of our invention.

Our R&D (Research & Development) department is constantly searching for new products and new applications to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The Navigloo systems are more than ever popular among watercraft owners. They can actually boast that they have the ONLY all-inclusive SOLUTION available on the market. Finally, a simple and ecofriendly solution accessible to all.
•Canada-USA patent
•Commercialisation in 2007
•Made in Canada
•Distributed in Canada-USA

Did you know…?
•Navigloo is the first and only product of its kind to be marketed in North America.
•Navigloo is recommended by major marine insurance companies.?
•Thousands of insurance claims have been filed in recent years for boats damaged by heavy snow build-up. That is why Navigloo is the logical choice to safely protect your investment.
•Navigloo is a 100% eco-responsible product; as opposed to do-it-yourself boat shelters (usually consisting of odds and ends found at home which are discarded in the spring) or shrinkwrapping which is expensive; neither of which are re-usable year after year.
•Certain communities are beginning to discourage the use of shrinkwrapping as a storage solution due to its considerable potential as a pollutant which can easily be avoided by using an alternative storage solution.
• As opposed to “Tempo” style portable boat shelters, Navigloo does not require more space than the actual size of your boat.
•Navigloo is not subject to municipal by-laws, as “Tempo” style portable shelters may be.
•Navigloo is light-weight, and can be kept in a storage bag which was specially designed for this purpose (about the same size and shape as a hockey bag).
•Navigloo can be easily installed by one person and requires no tools.
•Navigloo uses only first quality recycled materials.

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