Cablz best eyewear retainer.

Posted on March 11th, 2017

As an avid angler and boater I rely on sunglasses to cut out the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and to also enable me to see into the water.

I have lost my share of sunglasses that have been misplaced, or dropped into the water and I have tired all kinds of eyewear retainers to keep the sunglasses connected to my neck or back of head. I have to be honest with you that all the ones I have used in the past have been a hassle. They were either to restrictive, or get tangled up in my ears or on my collar when I have slipped them off or tried to put them back on.


I am so impressed with the Cablz line of eyewear retainers that are extremely light, extremely thin, adjustable and very comfortable. I recently wore them on an ice fishing TV shoot where the wind was blowing and I have a parka hood that I had to engage or disengage and the Cablz were so comfortable I forgot I had them on. If you are as serious about your eyewear retainer as I am, definitely check out the Cablz line!

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