C-Map accurate shipping channel charting.

Posted on August 1st, 2016

I like to fish big, Great Lakes rivers like the St. Lawrence, the Detroit, the Niagara and even the St. Mary’s River. These rivers are big and if I’m targeting walleye I rely on my Raymarine fishfinders equipped with C-Map 4D charts.


C-Map 4D charts are extremely accurate not only to show the hydrographic contour lines, but also the exact location of the shipping channels. Those shipping channels are important because they are usually the deepest part of the river and the waters adjacent to the channels usually hold some of the biggest walleye!

057A5158 Italo_smallie05

In the scree-grab above you can see the tracks I left from drifting over one of my favorite flats looking for large walleye and smallmouth bass. Having the best charts available definitely helps me catch more fish!

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