BX Brat for Big Bass.

Posted on September 14th, 2017

I love to fish crankbaits for most warm water fish. One of my favorite to target is Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass. While most anglers fish the shorelines with spinnerbaits, soft-plastic and flippin’ jigs, I’ll spend most of my time fishing the weedbeds and weedlines that are off the shorelines. I find that many bass anglers overlook open-water weeds, or they fish them really slow with soft-plastics ‘doodling’ the open pockets in between thick weeds.


I love to fish shallow running crankbaits right over the weeds that come up to 4′ of the surface and also deeper diving crankbaits along the weedlines. The Rapala BX Brat is just the right size, has an amazing wobble and runs shallow allowing you to fish the same weed areas fast to get those aggressive bass to rise up and smash it. Whether you love to fish Largemouth or Smallmouth, the BX Brat is a winner in shallow water!

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