Bullhead catfish action.

Posted on April 13th, 2021

Mid-April in southern Ontario is prime time to catch Brown Bullhead catfish. These fish move in by the thousands into shallow, mud-bottom bays throughout the Lake Erie & Lake Ontario shorelines and also into the mouths of rivers & streams as well as any marshy areas and most soft-bottom marina basins.

They swim around in tight schools which in clearer water will look like a big dark cloud. Brown Bullhead are voracious feeders pre/during/post spawning and can be easily caught just fishing a nightcrawler on a #6 baitholder hook with a couple of split-shot sinkers or using a “pickerel-rig”.

The average water depth to locate them is 2-5′ and they can swim to within a few feet of shorelines.

Good locations on the Lake Ontario shorelines are:

-Darlington Provincial Park

-Second Marsh

-Lynde Creek (marsh)

-Oshawa Creek (marsh and marina basin)

-Newcastle marina basin

-Ganaraska River below the CNR railway tracks.

Brown Bullhead catfish are fun to catch and very good table fare!

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