Bug Steelhead into striking!

Posted on April 15th, 2019

My good buddy Bill Selby who I have been steelheading since the 70’s ties these amazing “bugs” that Steelhead can’t resist. I know many of you use and catch lot’s of steelhead on traditional nymph and streamer flies, but Bill’s are uniquely tied so that they sit perfectly horizontal under a float which enables you to give them an amazing realistic swimming action by gently “twitching’ on your float.

He ties his bugs in shades of gray, green, brown to black. and fishes the different colors based on the water clarity. Light colors for clearer water, darker colors for more stained waters. If you tie your own flies and you drift-fish with a center-pin outfit I would encourage you to try and mimic his patterns, they produce a lot of steelhead!!

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