Brown Trout action continues to be excellent in Lake Ontario, Upper NY tributaries.

Posted on December 21st, 2011

[nggallery id=658]The weather forecast calling for rain and high winds today were correct.  My good friend Aldo Nava who operates www.niagarafishingadventures.com, our puppy Mulligan and I started out for Upper NY about 7:30am and arrived at Eighteen Mile Creek in Olcott, NY about 45 min. later only to stare at muddy water, again.  We decided to make the extra 1hr. drive and head to Sandy Creek, near Rochester, NY and it payed off big-time.

Withing 5-casts again I hooked a nice female rainbow using the Rapala R-Type 13′, 3-piece drift rod equipped with the new Rapala R-Type Center Pin reel, Sufix Titanium 8 lb. monofilament line/fluorocarbon leader and a spawn sack.   Within 20 min.  I had hooked into another 10-12 lb. female rainbow that took my spawn sack within inches of a large fallen Sycamore tree.   I fought the fish for about a minute before it took me in to the tree branches and eventually broke-off.

From there Aldo, our puppy Mulligan and I started walking up-stream and drifting any run/pool that looked like it was more than 3′ deep.  Aldo hooked the first brown, then I hooked one and we again worked our way up-stream.  We walked for about 1/2 km. and found a beautiful run that produced several brown trout for us.  We even landed a double-header and Aldo ended up netting both fish at one time!

On the way back to Ontario we stopped in Lewiston, NY and checked-out the water conditions in the Niagara River….it looked excellent.  That means that Aldo will be guiding on the Lower Niagara River tomorrow and Friday, so we won’t be able to get out together until next week.  Looks like the mild weather will continue into the end of December and I will definitely be taking advantage of it and taking my wife Barbara out also.

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