Bottom jigging for deep-water Walleye.

Posted on May 12th, 2018

While most anglers fish shallow for early season Walleye in many lakes, some anglers target them deep because thy know some of the larger females tend to recover after spawning in deeper water before changing to their normal early summer feeding patter throughout the lakes.

Big river anglers that fish the St. Lawrence, the Detroit and the Niagara River know that good size walleye can be caught as deep as 40′ especially if water conditions are clear and you have bright sunny skies.

The featured image shows the Raymarine “conical sonar” (classic fishfinder mode), showing the jig being worked right along he bottom before being reeled-up to re-drop. Keeping the jig within 2′ of the bottom is critical when looking to intercept trophy walleye in deeper water during the day.

057A6955 italo_walleye

One of my favorite lure combination to use under these conditions is non-other than the Lunker City Fin-S Fish with a 3/4 oz. jighhead in the shad color.

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