Bluegill and Rockbass bonanza.

Posted on June 7th, 2018

Our good friend Peter Yeung who operates @peteryeungphotography recently had a chance to do some fishing for big-little-fish. I love to fish and eat larger panfish. Many anglers target jumbo perch and slab crappie, but others target hand-size bluegill and really chunky rock bass.


Smaller bluegill may be flatter and have small fillets and should be released to grow bigger, but when they near the 10″ mark, they are definitely “dinner-material”!


Same thing goes with rock bass. While many people throw them back, larger rock bass have nice fillets and are very good eating. Peter used small 1/8 oz. jigs and white 1″ grubs fished without a float along the bottom to catch his panfish. Now is still a good time to target these in shallower bays before the weeds grow too high and they start moving out into the main lake.

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