BlueChem top engine cleaner for vehicles and outboards!

Posted on November 8th, 2017

I have the honor of working with Bluechem as their Canadian Brand Ambassador. I’ve used Bluechem products in my personal VW’s and was impressed right from the start when I used the Diesel System Cleaner and increased my mileage from 900 km/tank to over 1,000 km/tank! I’m now using it on my Dodge Ram 2500 and my Yamaha outboards, both here and in Florida. Bluechem Engine Oil Cleaner also works extremely well to get rid of almost all of the oil contamination prior to and during an oil change, helping to increase the lifespan of the engine. Their Fuel System Cleaner works to emulsify water with fuel so that contaminated fuel can be combusted normally ensuring peak performance in gas engines. Make sure to catch all the special Bluechem features showing you exactly how it works that we’ve produced for the new Canadian Sportfishing series starting Feb.2018 on WFN. Check out Bluechem, you’ll be glad you did!


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