Blade baits for Fall Walleye.

Posted on November 24th, 2020

Die-hard trophy Walleye anglers know that fall and even late-fall right up to ice-up can be one of the best times to catch big Walleye. They normally have to very effective techniques.

The first is to troll hard-baits like the Rapala Tail Dancer to Walleye cruising in the 15-30′ range over deeper water.

Or vertical jig near the bottom. While many anglers use jighead/plastic grubs tipped or untipped with a minnow, or a live-bait rig, others prefer to use “blade baits”. Blade baits can be cast, allowed to sink and jigged and also cranked back to the boat to cover a specific depth in the water column.

Blade-baits usually come with two or more eye position on the opposite side of the hooks to attach your line. A forward eye for casting jigging/cranking and a rearward eye for vertical jigging.

One of my favorite ways to fish them is to set the line on the rearward eye and vertical jig them just like vertical jigging through the ice. Rattles can help if Walleye are not feeding, but if they are feeding best to go with blade-baits that have to rattles, but lots of flash and produce lots of vibration. The new Rapala V-Blade is a hybrid of a crankbait and a blade-bait. It has a metal blade but also a plastic shad body profile that can effectively be cast & retrieved or jigged right on the bottom.

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