Big Spring Kings at Kitimat Lodge, BC.

Posted on February 15th, 2020

Noel Gyger reports. Mainly sunny with  highs to +1 degrees C. Skeena River clean and fishing well for Steelhead. Kalum River water in good shape and fishing well for Steelhead. Warning: lots of ice forming on the edges, so wade carefully. Kitimat River in good shape. Zymoetz (Copper) River is clean and fishing well for Steelhead, again lots of ice.  Note this regulation: No Fishing upstream of the sign at the transmission line crossing (downstream of Zymoetz Canyon) Jan 1 – June 15. Steelhead fishing below this closure is still permitted. Need a fishing guide contact me anytime. Ocean fishing for Salmon,  Halibut, Prawn, Dungness and Alaska King Crab is good out of Kitimat.

If you would like to book a river fishing guide or ocean charter for 2019-20 contact you can contact Noel at www.noelgyger.ca .

For you Great Lakes Steelheaders, we are planning a group trip to Kitimat Lodge, BC Aug. 28-Sept.1, 2020. This will be an amazing trip offering 3-days of non-stop fishing action for several species of Pacific Salmon & Steelhead at an awesome group rate. If you are interested make sure to contact Tracey Hittel at Kitimat Lodge, catchfish@kitimatadventures.com  to book.

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