Big resident Browns love beads too!

Posted on May 6th, 2020

Lots of anglers are targeting Steelhead in many of our Great Lakes tributaries and catching young Steelhead in the 5-10″ length, resident Brook & Brown Trout. While spring Steelhead are regularly targeted using fresh trout roe bags, single imitation hard and soft eggs, small soft-plastics and a variety of flies, it’s also common to get some surprises!

Conner Grdosic was drifting a egg-bead and hooked into this gorgeous resident Brown Trout. Normally Browns this big are elusive and seldom hooked, especially if the water is lower and clearer. They normally grow big by holding under cover and feeding mainly after dark. In this case I have a feeling this resident Brown was below where Steelhead had spawned and was used to munching on tasty eggs that didn’t get lodged on the bottom.

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