Big Perch hitting well on Lake Simcoe, ON in deeper-water.

Posted on January 15th, 2011

[nggallery id=408]I headed up to Lake Simcoe again with my pup Mulligan and my friend Kam Anderson to catch more tasty perch.  The plan was to head out on the ice just north of Lefroy, ON (about 1 mile), and fish in 40-50′ of water to see if we could again catch a nice mess of fish for dinner.  My friends Paul Cliff, & Stan drove separately and said they would be up a little bit later in the morning.   We arrived on the lake around 9:30am, unpacked our 1-man portable hut, loaded it up and started out walk our to our perch spot.    There was about 6″ of snow on the ice which made for an excellent workout!  Cutting our first hole, the ice was about 1″ ticker, somewhere around 7″ of solid blue ice.  There was still loose slush coming up from under the ice and it would be again a chore to keep the holes clean when landing fish.  We checked the depth with the Hummindbird Ice 55 sonar and it read 48′.  Perfect.  We cut some more holes  and started jigging.  Kam had asked me before coming up what lures he should buy for the perch.  I told him all he needed was W2 Jigging Rapala in glow-in-the-dark/chartreuse head, and one W3 Jigging Rapala perch color.  We both started catching fish on our first drops.  The action was non-stop and we quickly had some nice perch on the ice.

I used the new Rapala R-Type spinning ice-combos again and caught most of my fish on the W2 & W3 Jigging Rapala.  I also tried the new Lil’Finn (pg. 82), spoon in the 1/10th oz. size and it worked excellent, especially for the bigger jumbos.

By 11am, Paul, Cliff and Stan were nearing our spot.  We cut some more holes and they set-up using live minnows on “pickerel-rigs”.   They also started catching lot’s of fish.  By 2pm, we had lot’s of fish and headed back to the Niagara Peninsula.

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