Big “Bugs” for Great Lakes Tributary Steelhead.

Posted on April 29th, 2019

West-coast Steelhead anglers have knows for decades how well streamer flies work for steelheaad. In-land Rainbow trout anglers have also known for decades how well streamers and nymphs work for river and lake fish.

Now many anglers are realizing how well large nymph patterns work for Great Lakes Steelhead either fished with a traditional fly outfit, or even under a float with a drift-outfit.

Bill Selby ties his own Steelhead nymphs and they are so big he refers to them as bugs. He fished them under a sensitive quill float and gently “shakes” his float to give the “bugs” a tantalizing action. It’s no surprise that he can fool even the largest steelhead into taking them when all else fails.

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