Best Fishing Line Ever – A Sneak Peek at Sufix 832

Posted on September 9th, 2010

Best Fishing Line Ever
A Sneak Peek at Sufix 832
When you fire a cast using new Sufix 832 Advanced Superline, it streams through the rod guides so quietly that you hear basically nothing.
That wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that it tells you how amazing this line is.Settle in for a story about the biggest breakthrough ever in fishing line.
You know about Dyneema  fibers: incredibly strong, thin, tough, and sensitive. The difference maker, exclusive to Sufix 832, is the addition of GORE
(as in GORE-TEX) performance fibers. The GORE fibers improve abrasion resistance,reduce noise and vibration, and contribute to the line being almost
completely water resistant.

As usual, it’s not just the raw materials, but the precision and ingenuity with which they are combined. A process called R8 Precision Braiding creates
this ground-breaking fishing line. Seven Dyneema fibers are meticulously woven with one GORE fiber, at 32 weaves per inch. (Now you know how the line
got its name: 8 fibers, 32 weaves per inch.) The GORE material migrates to all the Dyneema fibers, resulting in a line that’s smoother, rounder, more abrasion
resistant, almost waterproof.

We could go on and on.Sufix 832 retained 95 percent of its rated strength in tests using GORE’s rope tester (regarded as best in the world), the only fishing line
that does this. It has the roundest profile of any fishing line. It has the highest knot- and tensile-strength-to-diameter rating of any fishing line in the world.

And get this: right out of the box, it produces amazingly long and accurate casts, doesn’t take on water, lets you feel everything, produces positive hooksets.
Then, as you fish with it, 832 actually improves in performance! It casts even longer, gets even smoother. Think about that. A line that starts out as the best
you’ve ever experienced, then gets better with time.

Sufix 832 is a brand new breakthrough, and you should be able to spool up with it by around November. We want you to know about it, so you can make plans
now, to expect more from your line in the very near future.

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