Best Birthday Present – 30 lb. plus Musky! – by Andrew Grant

Posted on January 3rd, 2013

Birthday Musky
Andrew Grant
It wasn’t my biggest musky of the season but it was definitely the most memorable.  Staying at my cottage in a northern
area of Georgian Bay in mid September, I woke up at 6:00 am on my birthday with plans to be on the first spot by
sunrise. The first spot didn’t produce anything, but the second spot did.  This spot was a rock/weed complex that had
produced a 30lb+ fish the weekend before, and with the first really cold snap of fall coming in the week, the fish would be
up shallow feeding to bulk up for winter.

As I came to the spot, I started fishing the deep weed edge where last weekend’s fish had come from.  I knew that it was
unlikely for a fish to be holding on the outside edge, but wanted to eliminate all possibilities before trying the shallow rocks
where a fish was most likely to be.  After going through most of the spot, I cast my 13” homemade bucktail across the
shallowest rocks on the spot.  About a third of the way back to the boat, my rod doubled over and I set the hook hard.
“Fish on!”

There were two reasons why this was the most memorable fish of the season.  The first was because it was on the
morning of my birthday (best present ever!) and secondly it was the hardest fighting musky I have ever caught.
This fish went crazy, jumping several times and completely clearing the water once.  After a couple of hard runs,
including a dive under the boat and almost getting caught in the trolling motor, the fish was in the net!  The whole
fight was about 4 minutes long, and now another 30lb+ musky was being held for pictures.  The best part about
the whole morning was that this fish was released and ready to give someone else the thrill of a lifetime.

Andrew Grant - 30 lb. + Musky caught & released!

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