“Beading” post-spawn Steelhead.

Posted on April 29th, 2017

Southern Ontario Steelhead anglers are now targeting post-spawn steelhead in clear water conditions which means down-sizing presentations, fishing early and when the bite stops around 11am, heading home.


Randy Desosiers of the Creek Candy Bead Company had an excellent outing catching & releasing over 25-Steelhead in a matter of a few hours.


His secret strategy was to use Solo 8mm Glass beads in natural, smoke & white colors.


He drifted his beads using a sensitive float weighted down to the “neutral-buoyancy” mark with the right amount of staggered split-shot sinkers, a low diameter fluorocarbon leader & small hook/bead.


This enabled him to fish the beads right along the bottom which is critical  when the water is clear, the sun rises and fish literally hold on the bottom.


If you are planning on targeting post-spawn steelhead over the next 2-weeks, better make quick before they all flush back to Lake Ontario and make sure you have a good selection of 8mm beads on-hand.

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