“Beading” for silver.

Posted on April 10th, 2017

Great Lakes tributary anglers have seen so many positive improvements over the decades with more efficient drift-rods/reels, soft-plastic baits and especially with single egg imitation.


It used to be that we only had plastic salmon/trout egg imitations, but today we have the additional choice of acrylic and glass beads that can be used effectively from fall to spring for very specific drifting conditions from slow to fast current and shallow to deep-water.


Most “bead” users will agree that beads work best when they are 1-2″ up the line away from the hook. This gives the bead a more natural drift, and the distance away from the hook keeps the steelhead eye on the bead and not on the hook. I know of  three ways to connect a steelhead bead to the line.

  • You can simply run your leader through the bead one, twice or three times, with the loops loose you can adjust the distance of the bead, than tighten the line to hold it in place.
  • You can use a plastic peg that is specifically designed to use with a bead (thin at one end so you can get it into the bead and wider at the other end so it tightens up to the line.
  • You can use a thin, small rubber band and special hook-needle to pull it through the whole (bands and tool are usually available where beads are sold).

Two excellent sites to choose a variety of beads are, Creek Candy Bead Co. , and KypeFish . No matter which technique you use, using beads of different sink-weights/sizes/colors can really add to your steelheading success!



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