“Beading” Brown Trout.

Posted on November 8th, 2018

Fall is the best time to intercept Great Lakes migratory trout that have entered the tributaries to spawn. Only challenge is they hold close to the bottom in some of the deeper runs and pools and can be finicky to catch.

Solution, locate deeper runs and pools below areas where Chinook and Coho salmon are spawning and target brown trout that have been picking up on their eggs.

Best lure & presentation

My first choice for fooling these brown is to use a small 8mm acrylic Creek Candy Beads bead that is the size of a salmon egg in a natural color. This is where drift outfits can really help to make a natural down-stream presentation. I normally use a float rig with staggered split-shot sinker to about 16″ away from a #10 VMC Octopus hook.

I’m old school and don’t use a rubber stub to lock my bead into place. I just run my line through the bead 3-times. I loosen the loops when I need to shift the bead up or down my line and I tighten the loops when it is in the right position. I find that having the bead about 1 1/2-2″ above the bead produces the best results.

When you feel a fish on, no need to set the hook hard, just a gently rod lift and steady pressure ensures the hook will penetrate.

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