Beach-fishing for Cuban Barracuda.

Posted on September 23rd, 2009

gabor_horvat_graphicGabor Horvat reports. This summer I had a chance to take some time off and relax in Cuba.  As an avid fisherman, I took my fishing pole with me and a  few lures (spinners, crankbaits),  not knowing if on our vacation I would have an opportunity to fish or not.  On one early morning I grabbed  my fishing stuff and walked down the beach.  I was wading in the water up to my hip and casting a 4- inch spoon out into the ocean.  After exploring and fishing for 5 minutes, I suddenly had a fish on.  Not knowing what kind of fish it was, I was backing out to the sand beach and after a few minutes I landed this trophy barracuda.  Not many people were on the beach that  early, so I needed to ask a couple to take a picture of my catch. At the same time a Cuban beach boy (he was cleaning the chairs on thebeach),  was wandering what I caught.


When I showed him the fish I asked him if they eat barracuda?   He said: “Yes, very good eating fish”.  He was very happy when I put the fish in his hands, telling him to enjoy it.

Two days later, with a big smile on his face,  he was telling me that the next day his whole family enjoyed the fish.

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