BC tributary Pink Salmon.

Posted on September 2nd, 2019

We had a great time filming www.canadian-sportfishing.com and www.thecatchtvshow.com out of Kitimat Lodge, BC for multi-species of salmon and steelhead.

One of our highlights was hooking-up to beautiful Pink Salmon that were flashing their early spawning colors and males showing off their big japs and jumps.

Pinks are probably one of the most plentiful salmon species in the rivers they run up and they are quite aggressive when it comes to fishing streamer flies and jigs. On this trip I kept watching Pinks in the clear water follow my Luhr Jensen Twitching Jig from the middle of the river to almost my feet and having them strike right in front of me…very exciting!! The best time to intercept Pinks is in late July and Aug. when many are fresh-run and others just starting to show off their spawning “bling”!

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