BC tributary Cohos like to strike jigs!

Posted on November 8th, 2016

I had a great time fishing BC Cohos with guide Tracey John Hittel out of Kitimat Lodge. Fresh-run Cohos pick up roe bags, skeened eggs and strike a variety of lures. When hooked, they fight hard, coming to the surface, rolling in the line and making wild runs often throwing the barbless hook.


What some anglers may not know is that when Coho start to hold-up in deeper pools and runs, one of the best artificials to use for them is a bright jig. When jigging for Coho, it’s not like dragging a jig along the bottom. The jig is fished fast off the bottom which triggers Coho to follow it and usually produces violent strikes. Some of the best jigs are tied with un-painted jigheads and bright marabou in orange, purple, white and pink colors. Hot pink works especially well.

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