BC, Halibut.

Posted on August 5th, 2021

Our good friend Tracey Hittel, co-owner Kitimat Lodge, BC reports excellent Halibut catches from Douglas Channel, BC.

Blue skies, deep-water and limits of BC Halibut.

He has been guiding groups out and consistently getting limits of perfect-size eating Halibut.

BC Halibut are good fighters and one of the best tasting fish from the Pacific’s saltwater.

Halibut migrate throughout the day and seasonally and feed aggressively especially around humps and shoals in deeper water.

Tasty Kitimat Lodge, BC halibut.

One of the best times for anglers to intercept them there is when the tide goes slack. This allows boats to stay close to structure areas and enable anglers to drop lines down quickly and keep them near the bottom before the tide starts moving the boat away from key areas.

Two happy anglers with perfect eating-size BC Halibut.

The two top presentations for catching BC Halibut is wither jigging with vertical jigging spoon weighing up to 1/2 lb., or by using a “spreader” rig tipped with a chunk of baitfish that can weigh up to a lb.. Both should be fished close to the bottom but at the same time avoiding getting snagged on the bottom.

If you would like to book an amazing BC saltwater or freshwater trip make sure to contact Kitimat Lodge, BC.

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