BC Coho freshwater action.

Posted on August 29th, 2019

We had an amazing Kitimat Lodge, BC adventure and one the highlights was definitely hooking into silver, fresh-run Coho salmon in the tributaries.

For those of you that have not tangled with fresh-run Coho’s in BC, in my opinion they fight as hard or harder than fresh-run Steelhead.

Not only do they fight hard, they love to take drifted roe bags, flies, jigs, spoons and spinners. The key is to find runs where they are holding and cover the water until you intercept one. Most of the tributaries will have a mix of Pacific Salmon at the same time in Aug., but if you keep your presentation in the water column (as opposed to being near the bottom), you will probably draw a strike from a silver Coho. The new Luhr Jensen “Twitching Jig”, pictured above and jigged through the mid-section of the water column is a lure “silvers” can’t resist!

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