Bay of Quinte Summer Walleye – STILL ON!!

Posted on September 9th, 2010

Gary Hodge Sept. 9th, 2010 - SubmissionBay of Quinte Summer Walleye – STILL ON!!
The summer bite on the Bay of Quinte has our Guides continuing to work crankabits off the deepweedlines for big walleye… the bite has been simply unprecedented. While most anglers are staying in the shallow bays catching smaller walleye, we have managed to hit large numbers of BIG summer walleye out off the deeper weedlines. We are hitting walleye in the 3lb to 8lb mark. The amazing thing about the summer bite is….it HAS NOT STOPPED!!  

Here’s what’s coming up for G2Angling:

Our deepwater crankbait bite has been in swing for a few months, and will still be HOT until the end of Sept. It’s the best way to take advantage of bigger walleye during the summer months. It’s nothing to have a 6, 7, 8 pounder yank the rod out of your hand when they hit as hard as they do…What a blast!.
During the months of October to December, the adult migratory walleye make their way back to the Bay of Quinte from Lake Ontario. These walleye follow the primary food source “Gizzard Shad”, into the Lower Bay and for a few months will be stacked up in certain areas…this is quite likely the HOTTEST time to catch a fish of a life-time. Trolling suspended crank baits is clearly the way to be successful. Walleye topping the 12lbs plus mark are quite common and it’s no stretch to catch multiple walleye over 10lbs plus mark, on any given trip.
Once the walleye have been in the Bay for a few months and the lake has turned over, they start to move from being suspended to hugging the bottom. This makes them tougher to target while trolling, the technique to focus on here is JIGGING! Not only do we have a significant number of amazing locations to target Walleye during these times, but it can be the best way and MOST FUN way to catch over 50 walleye in a day, with multiple walleye topping the 10lbs plus mark!

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Gary Hodge
G2 Angling Specialists
Courtice, Ontario
NPAA 518

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