Bay of Quinte Pike, Walleye & Smallies.

Posted on September 14th, 2022

Our good friend Gabor Horvat was out on the Bay of Quinte, ON and enjoyed crankbait fishing for a variety of fish. His strategy was to fish weedbeds and weedlines in 7-10′ water.

Gabor Horvat holds up a nice pike that smashed his crankbait in 10′ water.

Conditions were warm and the weed growth is plentiful. This is one of several Pike the boys caught.

Pike grow big in the Bay of Quinte and love to feed around large weedbeds fon panfish.

Pike roam the same weedbeds as Bass & Walleye and in late summer they are very aggressively feeding in the same areas.

Walleye are the target species for most anglers fishing the Bay of Quinte in the summer months.

Quinte Walleye are always on the move and one of the best ways to locate them is to cast crankbaits along the weedbeds where they meet deeper water. Lures that dive down to 10′ and have a wide wobble work best.

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