Bay of Quinte, ON producing Trophy Walleye.

Posted on February 9th, 2010

Ashley Rae reports.  I headed out for what would be my first successful ice fishing adventure a while back on the Bay of Quinte, ON. I had been out ice fishing before about 4 times in my entire life but never had any luck. This time I went out with the Quinte Ice Fishing team. I would strongly recommend a local guide if you are new to ice fishing. I learned the basics and felt safe. I caught my first 5 walleye, 2 of them around 10am and the rest after nightfall with my biggest at 10 pounds! Using a flasher I could see the fish were following my bait up from the bottom, and then striking aggressively. The ice was 8 inches thick at our location and the water was around 17 feet deep. If you are heading out stay away from any major currents as the ice won’t be as thick there. Temperatures coming up this week in the BOQ area are in the -7°C range. I hope to be heading out again, so hopefully I can bring in some more walleye. I definitely love ice fishing now!

You can learn more about Ashleys passion for fishing by visiting her blog at, http://www.ashleymrae.blogspot.com/.

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