Bay of Quinte, ON fishing update.

Posted on July 30th, 2012

[nggallery id=756]I had a chance to fish the Upper Bay with my good friends Kam Anderson, John Ross & Gerald Fisher.  Strong winds & really hot weather has made fishing tough throughout the Bay.  Surface water temperatures are in the high 70’s F, there is a massive algae bloom throughout the whole upper Bay of Quinte, and the fishing has been tough.  To make things worse, lot’s of Lake Ontario baitfish have moved into the Upper Bay.

We fished the Rapala Dives To Thug and the Tail Dancer around weedbeds and caught largemouth bass and longnose gar. To land the gar we fished the Original #9 Rapala that is equipped with 3-small treble hooks. All were fished with the Rapala Shift spinning outfits and the Concept Ti rods/Shift Reels with Sufix 832, 10 lb. test braid.  The key to catching the gar is to spot a crusing fish, than cast right across from them and bring the Rapala right in front of them with a twitching motion on the surface.

Walleye fishing was slow also with fish being caught off Northport Shoal and a the mouth of Hay Bay.

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