Bass success Rippin’ & Stopping!

Posted on September 9th, 2017

I love to fish twitch & slash baits in shallower water where you get some explosive strikes and often see bass following your lure and my challenge is to work the twitch-bait in such a way to get a reaction-strike!


One of the newest twitch -baits on the market is the Rapala Rip Stop. It’s similar to the Rapala Shadow Rap in that it produces a lot of flash and has an amazing “zig-zag” action when snapped, but it’s signature-move is the sudden stop after the ‘twitch’ that is produced by the very small plastic paddle on it’s tail. This lure is ideal to fish in water less than 10′ deep where you know bass will be cruising looking for baitfish. Caution, if you are fishing waters where pike are present definitely us a light Titanium leader. After-all, you don’t want to donate them to a pike!!  (photos @peteryeungphotography )

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