Baitfish and Walleye.

Posted on May 24th, 2016

If you walleye fish, you know that the bigger walleye get, the more they need to fish on larger baitfish. This spring I have seen an abundance of baitfish in the areas we have been fishing and we also have been catching some of the biggest walleye.


Look at the clarity of this Raymarine HybridTouch screen grab in the CHIRP DownVision setting. You can see the vast school and good size off these baitfish in deeper water.

057A6972 baitfish_finsfish

Here is the proof that the same walleye we marked around the school of baitfish were feeding on big meals. This is one of a dozen walleye I landed which was regurgitating baitfish recently eaten.

057A6986 walleyehead_finsfish

This is where matching the size of baitfish for the walleye is extremely important. Notice the Lunker City 4″ Fin-S-Fish that produced most of my fish…it’s about the size of the fish that was regurgitated!

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