BaitCloud walleye.

Posted on August 27th, 2018

I am sure that most of you have heard or seen video of BaitCloud in action. It’s a formulated ball that when it comes in contact with water it starts to release bubbles, scent and bio-flakes. The bubbles make a “column” that goes from the BaitCloud ball to the surface. This visually attracts fish to it. In addition the ball releases scent to attract fish and if that wasn’t enough, it also releases small reflective “bio-flakes” (environmentally safe), into the water making the appearance of fish scales. These three features work very well attract a multitude of species of fish.


Recently I invited Cheryl Hopkins (co-inventor of BaitCloud), to appear in one of our 2019 Canadian Sportfishing TV shows as we filmed in eastern Lake Ontario. Our strategy for the day; to locate  weedbeds and weedlines in 12-15′ of water that had a high percentage chance of attracting walleye.We marked the area on my Raymarine fishfinder and then Cheryl dropped BaitCloud balls about 30′ away from each other off the weeds. The strategy was to attract the panfish out from the weeds which in turn would draw the walleye in. Our presentation was to cast crankbaits in the same areas to intercept the walleye and it worked great.

cheryl big walleye

The quickest response was right after Cheryl dropped the first BaitCloud in the water and I fished directly over the area and hooked up on my walleye in minutes! We completed shooting a dynamic 1/2 hr. TV show and I hope you’ll be able to see it and how well BaitCloud worked for us!

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