BaitCloud for ice fishing.

Posted on December 21st, 2016

With ice fishing not far away, this is a good time to stock-up on BaitCloud to attract different fish species below the holes you are planning on fishing.


The strategy that I found worked well last winter was to cut several holes. Drop a BaitCloud ball in 1-3 of the outer-holes in your fishing areas and start jigging or setting-up tip-up lines. Remember BaitCloud will take 3-4 minutes to totally dissolve and then the scent cloud will remain in the area for over 1/2 hr. (with no current present). If you like to jig-fish like I do, make sure to rotate the holes you are fishing about every 5 minutes (unless you start catching fish from a specific hole, fish that hole until the fish slow down, than move on to the next hole).

You can order yours directly from BaitCloud.

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