BaitCloud. “Bring the fish to you”!

Posted on February 12th, 2016

I am cranked about a new company we are working with called BaitCloud. They have come up with a unique way to attract fish to the area you are fishing all season long that is environmentally friendly and actually stimulate fish into feeding.


You drop BaitCloud into the water and it immediately releases bubbles that creates vibration/sound. In addition to bubbling, it’s also impregnated with natural oils like fish & crayfish that suspend and create a “cloud” of scent in the area you are fishing. They have also figured out to add “organic-flake” in some formulas to act like small scales coming off baitfish.  I have had a chance to tests it through the ice, and observed fish reacting to it in a tank and it definitely works. Make sure to check it out at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show. I will be at their booth each day & hoping to demonstrate it in the MEGATANK during my seminars.

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