Bait2Go team fishing, Florida.

Posted on July 23rd, 2017

Our good friend JR Paquette and his partner with Bait2Go, Kevin had a chance to head out into the Gulf of Mexico just before ICAST 2017. They headed about 25 miles off-shore and had a great time catching a mix of Grouper, Snapper and even a Ramora.


This was Kevin’s first time in the Gulf and he just fished on bottom the way you do back in Sudbury, ON for walleye keeping his rig within 1′ of the bottom. Only difference is the size and fight these fish have.  Grouper have a habit of coming out of holes in the limestone bottom, taking a bait and swimming right back into their hole which makes it challenging for the angler to keep them on.


I guess you could say they were “product testing” seeing how their Bait2Go bait container would do in 35+C weather keeping cut-bait and squid chunks fresh.


Looks like it performed well and they had a lot of fun……the boys did OK!

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