Bait2Go for fresh cut, prepared or live bait.

Posted on December 14th, 2016

In Canada most of my fishing is with artificial lures, but there are conditions where I use bait like roe bags or skeened salmon eggs for steelhead and salmon, and live minnows, worm and leeches for a variety of fish.


When I use bait I really appreciate the benefits of using Bait2Go to keep my bait fresh and handy. When I’m ice fishing, especially fishing minnows on a spoon and moving around fishing different holes Bait2Go is right beside me on the ice, or on a belt.

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If I’m wading for steelhead in big rivers, like  in BC, I attach it to my wading belt which leaves more space in my vest and any oil coming off the roe bags or skeened salmon eggs usually don’t go on my waders or vest.


In saltwater, it’s the only container I use for myself and my guests when were are fishing cut bait like squid or chunks of fish, or live shrimp and even baitfish like pilchards.


If you bait fish, Bait2Go is a system you will  want to get!!

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