Are you ready for a surprise, on-the-water boat inspection?

Posted on August 23rd, 2017

I was recently fishing the Lower Niagara for smallmouth bass with a couple when a large Zodiac came over with 4-officers on-board to board our G3. It turned out to be 3-US officers and 1-RCMP. I have never been asked so many questions on the water and asked to show so many things;

-driver licences (they called in all our names to confirme we were indeed the persons we claimed to be.

-checked boat registration

-individually inspected our life jackets to ensure they were MTO approved.

-had to show the anchor, paddles, throw-line in safety kit and demonstrate the waterproof flashlight was working (it did not work)

-inspected fire extinquisher

-asked to see Boat Operator Card

2017-08-15 15:20 page 1

After quite a while the RCMP gave me a warning that I had to have an operating flashlight and that it could be a $200 fine for not having it. I’m glad it was just a warning. First think I did this AM was replace the cheap flashlight that comes in the standard $9.99 Boat Safety Kit to a better one and also made sure I had two new AA batteries in a sealed bag so the flashlight will indeed work. This wake-up call just reminded me how important it is to have all safety-items and ID required on-board and in good working condition!

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