Annual White Bass run.

Posted on May 28th, 2020

While many anglers frown at catching White Bass others look forward to their spring migrations to fast-water areas, harbor mouths and bays.

White Bass are plentiful but they are only in high concentrations around the end of May to mid-June in many of the Great Lakes Rivers. After their spring migration they normally scatter and feed throughout the Great Lakes. Some white bass can reach lengths of over 18″ and weight over 3 lb.

White Bass are voracious feeders and hunt in groups. It’s common to hook one White bass and see a cloud of other White bass following and trying to get in on the action.

White bass can suspend from the surface to the bottom in depths over 30′. If they are shallow you can have a blast using top-water lures and suspending body-baits like the Rapala X-Rap and Shadow Rap.

They also love bright spinners and spoons. They key is to locate a school and hook as many fish as you can before they move on. For their size they strike hard and are scrappy fighters. For those that have not tasted fresh White Bass, they are very good eating.

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