Anglers getting good Walleye catches on Bay of Quinte.

Posted on May 25th, 2009

gabor_horvat_graphicGabor Horvat reports: We just got back from fishing the Bay of Quinte and even though we had some issues to deal with like getting sick (the runs and having a temperature of up to 38.6 C), and on the first day cutting my left hand (quite deep, I had to go to the Picton Hospital emergency room and get 3-stitches and they told my not to get the wound wet for 10-days….how do you not get wet when you’re fishing??), the fishing was relatively good.   We did not get monster-fish, but very respectable walleye.    We fished from the Adolphus Reach, Hayward Long Reach, many points in-between, and the Telegraph narrows.  We had the most success fishing at the Narrows. We also caught some walleye close to the Glenora ferry-crossing. Those were the biggest walleye we caught.  We also caught northern pike. The weeds around Sherman’s Point were also producing fish as well.   At the Narrows, most fishermen were drifting and bottom bouncing or trolling with worm-harnesses.  I am more of a “caster”, so we used the cast and retrieving method with the www.rapala.com, Tail Dancers. .

To start-off with, we tried different lures (because at the beginning we did not know where and what to use). Only the Rapala TD7, TD9 (hot chub) and the new Bleeding-lip series (I do not know the name – similar like the TD hot chub), were catching fish.   In-fact, we did not need the whole tackle box, only these 3 lures to catch all our fish! Well, if we only knew beforehand.  The weed growth is not as high as last year. The winter was too long and it looks like everything is late about 2-3 weeks.  We were concentrating cranking the edge of weed lines.   We had several pike follows, but they were not very aggressive, and we did manage to land a few small fish. 


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