Adolphus Reach, Bay of Quinte producing good catches of trophy walleye.

Posted on November 24th, 2013
Late fall Lower Bay of Quinte walleye average 4-8 lb., with many 10-14 lb. fish caught every week.

Late Nov. is producing lot’s of trophy-size walleye on the Lower Bay of Quinte, ON.  Anglers are trolling water depths from 40-110′ covering both the west-side of Glenora, ON waters, all the way to the narrows that lead out to Lake Ontario to the east.  The action has not been steady with anglers covering lot’s of water and finding fish in “pods” where they hook up a few fish trolling the same general area.

The Rapala Tail Dancer #11 is one of the top producing deep-diving minnow baits you can troll with on the Lower Bay of Quinte for trophy late fall Walleye!

A variety of trolled deep-diving body baits are producing the best results.  Among these the Rapala Tail Dancer #11 and the Rapala Trolls to 20 are producing well.  Most anglers are running 100-150′ leads to the lures off of in-line planer boards. Trolling speeds are varying from 1 mph to 2 1/2 mph.  Average lure trolling depth is 15-40′.

The Rapala Trolls-To series of deep-diving body baits are made of Balsa wood and have a natural swimming action cold-weather walleye can't resist!

The Sufix 832 braid with a Sufix Fluorocarbon leader is the ideal line set-up for trolling the the deep-diving body baits.

A good tip to cover water that is a little deeper with both Rapala deep-diving body-baits is to add a 1/4 to 1/2 oz., in-ine “keel-sinker” about 3-feet up from the lure.  Depending you your trolling speed, you can get an additional 5-10′ diving depth our of the same lures.

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