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Hi Italo. Heading out to rivers inlet in a few days, going to try the FlashFly Tinkie rig, curious as to what to use for artificial cut bait, watched your video but couldn’t make out what you were using. Also will real cut bait work well in the rig, Thanks in advance. tight lines, Dennis

Posted on June 7th, 2016

Hi Dennis, flasher/fly combo and flasher/cut-bait work well off the west coast for salmon.


We used the TriggerX, cut bait strips and also salt-cured Rhys Davis cut-bait. You may find the Rhys Davis cured herring strips here, or possibly they will have them at River’s Inlet.  SAIL in Ontaro did sell the TriggerX cut-bait heads & strips, but now sure if they still do. Hope you have a great trip…God bless you.

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