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Hello ItaloThe wife and I just watched a recent episode, you were fishing for Pike, walleye and bass up in Parry Sounds i think November/December. I was just wondering what area, not looking for exact GPS location just general area, was it Parry Sound Harbour ( Rosetta Island area)Thanks in advance Jason Prawdzik

Posted on January 15th, 2022

Hi Jason,  I was taken to the area by my good friend James Beauprie and I don’t really know where we were. I can tell you we were north of Perry Sound, ON and we followed him for quite a distance through narrows/island/wide areas until we started fishing. From what James told me, the entire area around  attracts all three species in the fall and most shoals/reefs that are surrounded by deep-water that come up to 12′ can hold all three species.

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