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Hellomy wife and I purchased a cottage close to Killbear Park in Parry Sound. I am interested in doing some deep water fishing (downriggers/lead core/dipseys) out in Georgian Bay .Have you fished before in the area of Red Rock lighthouse, the Minks and Seguin bank. Any suggestions would be appreciated . Love the area but the fishing seems to be a little slow.Tom

Posted on July 30th, 2020

Hi Tom, I fish the area in Parry Sound and the inside of Killbear and I have good friends that do also and cottage there. The fishing is very good the Sound bays for multi-species. You will discover when you figure their locations and patterns which will take you a season or two. The outer Banks are in between Manitoulin and Owen Sound and don’t produce many salmon, though you can catch the odd one. The best area to target salmon there is from Lighthouse Point to Patterson Island and from Mowat Island to Patterson Island following 98-140. You should see other boats trolling for salmon there. Once you mark baitfish or salmon you should connect. The primary “deep-water” species in the “Sound” is Lake Trout. I would encourage you to focus on running downriggers and Dipsey Divers as they will be more effective but you can also run lead core or copper long-lines.  You can simply troll with Great Lakes fluttering spoons in the 4” length in silver or gold with accent stripes of green, blue, yellow, black or even multi-colors in one side. Use a 6-10’ fluorocaron lead from the diving device or downrigger to your spoon. Off the downrigger you may want to run one “gang-troll” (Christmas-tree), ahead of the spoon as an attractor. Set your spoons to run between 50-70 down around deeper structure breaks. The key is fishing off the deeper structure breaks.

Hope this helps. Fish with a Passion.

God bless you,


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